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Types of Materials And Properties Of Robes That You Should Know!

Bathrobe. This is a garment made of white, dyed or printed terrycloth that absorbs water quickly. It can be knitted or woven with one or more faces.


100% cotton Terry towels: These terry cloth spa robes and towels are made from 100% cotton. Because of their high absorbency, cotton terrycloth bathrobes are the best for after-bath use.

Velour Towel: This is more luxurious than Terry towels, as the outer surface of the towel is shaved. The terry remains in the inner parts. The Terry towel has more absorbency than the velour bathrobe. It is lighter and smoother.

Bamboo blends: bamboo yarns are made with bamboo plants. They have antibacterial, deodorant, and environmental benefits. Mixing cotton can increase the bamboo’s water absorption.

Organic cotton: This is a healthier choice than conventional cotton. Cotton is grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers or drugs. High water absorption.


According to the method of dyeing, towels fabrics can be divided into two types.

Fabrics made from yarn-dyed towels: Fabrics that are created by weaving with colored yarn. These terry-toweling fabrics are often patterned and can be colored in either the transverse or longitudinal directions.

Ball-painted Towels fabrics: Single-color terry fabrics can be dyed after weaving and can be patterned with weaving techniques.

Fabrics can be divided according to the structure and type of yarn used in the warp.

Single-layer fabrics: A single layer of yarn is used to make a warp towel fabric.

Fabrics for Double Coat Towels: This fabric is made from the yarn that has been twisted with the pile warp.

Terry fabrics have the following physical properties: Terry fabrics can either be made by weaving or knitting.


Full-body bathrobe: Usually 150-160cm

Medium bathrobe: Length between the knees and the ankles.

Short bathrobe Length up to the knee

Hooded Bathrobe: You can dry your hair with the hooded towel and you don’t need an additional towel.

Kimono Bathrobe: Kimono is available in either a medium or a short length. No hood, no neckline, and lightweight.

Waffle bathrobe: The most popular waffle bathrobe is made by weaving a microfiber or cotton fabric durably. These bathrobes are washable easily and can take on many weights without losing their durability. This fabric is often used in washcloths.

Microfiber bathrobe: microfiber towels can absorb moisture. This makes them an excellent choice for those who spend time at the poolside, in the Jacuzzi, or after a bath or shower.


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