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Thing To Consider When Choosing Air Purifier

Most likely, you’ve heard a lot of praise for air purifiers. They are extremely effective at cleaning the air. If you’ve ever searched for one, you will know there are a lot of options, from smaller units in your bedroom to larger whole-home purifiers.

Continue reading if you are looking for an air purifier but don’t know where to begin. This guide will help you select the right air purifier for your home.

Air Purifier Considerations

Once you understand why you may need an air purifier it is time to find out what you should look for in an air purifier.

1. Filter Technology

Air purifiers can use different types and technologies to clean the air. Let’s look at the most popular types of filtering technology to help you make an informed decision when looking into air purifiers.

2. HEPA Filters

High-efficiency particulate filter (or HEPA filter) is a pleated filter that can trap 99.97% of all airborne particles. It is made of paper and cotton and should be replaced regularly.

3. Activated carbon

Another common filter that is found in air purifiers is an activated carbon filter. These filters are made from activated carbon granules, which contain millions of microscopic pores. The pores provide a large surface area for contaminants to stick to. One pound of activated charcoal can contain up to 100 acres.

4. UV-Light

UV light, also known as short-wave ultraviolet (UV), is a disinfectant that works well. UV purifiers use UV-C light to kill microbes like bacteria and viruses. UV-C radiation can cause respiratory problems by converting oxygen to ozone. Manufacturers often apply a special coating to the bulb to stop this.

5. Ionizers

Electrostatic precipitation and ionization are two types of air purification techniques that use electricity to charge molecules and particles in the air. The charged particles are attracted to surfaces or particles with the opposite charge. This results in the particles becoming settled.

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This can theoretically help to remove contaminants from the atmosphere. It’s an inefficient and outdated method of air purification. The particles can settle on surfaces more frequently than you might think, leading to greater dust buildup in your home. This can be a problem that can be redirected into the air.

Ozone can also be created by ionizing air, which is an indoor pollutant. Although ionizers are rare these days, it is important to avoid air purifiers that claim to ionize the atmosphere.

6. Dimensions of the Room

It is important to measure the space where you intend to place the purifier. An air purifier can work in any room. However, its effectiveness in cleaning the air can be affected by space. Manufacturers list the maximum size of the purifier, so you should pay attention to that rating and the space you are trying to clean.

7. Prices

Cost is an important factor, especially if your budget is tight. However, you need to be careful and consider the long-term costs of your investment. You should also consider long-term costs such as energy efficiency and maintenance.

8. Energy Efficiency

Air purifiers are powered by electricity. While they don’t use much electricity, they can run for hours per day which can add up quickly.

9. Maintenance

Although air purifiers require very little maintenance, they are extremely cost-effective. You’ll need to change any non-washable filters like HEPA and activated carbon filters, every few months. They become ineffective if they are left unattended.

Air purifiers don’t always meet a standard in terms of their dimensions. This means that you will likely have to replace them with the manufacturer’s proprietary filters.

10. Noise

Noise is another important aspect to consider when looking for an air purifier. Air purifiers are often available at multiple speeds, so manufacturers might offer noise ratings in decibels.

The purifier should make as little noise as possible while it is working. However, noise can be correlated with the unit’s size and efficiency.

11. Quality of Life Features

While we’ve covered the main considerations for buying an air purifier here are some other important things to consider. Remotes, timers and smart controls are great quality enhancements and can help you differentiate from other air purifiers with comparable performance and price.

These features may also be beneficial in certain situations. You might want to get rid of the smoke smell from your home if you have a smoker in your household.

The unit operates at maximum speed when it detects smoke and then drops back to its normal speed once the smoke has cleared. It turns off completely at night. This allows for cleaner air and reduces costs.

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