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Know More About The Various Types Of Robes To Keep Your Guests Comfortable

It’s not unusual for bed and breakfast owners to offer robes in their rooms.

This is how much people love these robes. They are not wrong. A warm, soft bathrobe is the best way to get rid of the chill on a cold morning.

A few years ago, it would have been quite unusual to see a guest in a robe for breakfast. This is not the only change. There have been changes in the types of robes that are offered to guests at bed and breakfasts, resorts, and spas.

Terrycloth robes used to be the most popular type of robe on the market. Velour robes are more common in high-end hotels and catalogs.

Over the years, robe makers have created many different types of robes with different fabrics, styles, weights, and sizes. Here are five of the most loved robe types.


Hospitality establishments still love Terrycloth robes. Terrycloth fabric is made with uncut loops or piles that are deliberately separated from the ground. The loops increase the fabric’s surface area, which improves its absorbency and softens the fabric. Terry cloth is typically made of cotton but can be made from silk, linen, or other natural and synthetic fibers. Because cotton absorbs water better than other materials, manufacturers tend to choose it over other materials.


Velour robes are luxurious in appearance and feel. Velour is a medium-weight fabric that is tightly woven and then pile-cut for a thick, plush surface. You can make it from cotton, synthetic materials, or a combination of both. It’s warm and comfortable, it can be moved easily, and it is considered easy to care for.

Waffle weave

All cotton or cotton/polyester waffle weave robes are available. The waffle weave fabric is woven to create a textured, surface fabric that has a grid-like pattern with recessed squares or diamond shapes. It has thermal properties that provide warmth and insulation. The fabric traps body heat and forms a warm layer near the skin. This increases heat retention. It is also highly absorbent. You can also buy waffle weave robes with a terrycloth lining.

Bamboo blend

Bamboo blend robes are made from natural fiber from the pulp of a bamboo tree. Bamboo fiber is both environmentally friendly and an anti-bacterial agent. Bamboo fabric is made from viscose, which is a natural fiber. It can be found in robes, towels, and sheets, as well as other bamboo products. When manufactured, most Bamboo products are mixed together with cotton.


These microfiber robes are made from synthetic fibers like nylon and polypropylene. Specific characteristics are considered when selecting the shape, size, and combinations of synthetic fibers. These include softness, toughness, and resistance to water and static. Many microfiber robes have a light terrycloth lining.

How to choose the perfect robe size

Consider buying the right size robe for your guests when purchasing a robe. Consider that guests will have different bodies and robes should be able to fit all.

To find the right robe for you, it is a good idea to try on several sizes to determine if it fits well. A larger person should find a robe that can wrap around them.

You can choose a medium or large-size robe if you’re not happy with the above method.

A good robe should be below the knees, but not touching the ground. For added comfort, it should have sleeves that you can roll-up. A matching belt is included in most robes that you will find at hotels, spas, beds, and breakfasts.

Many robes have hoods. You may want your guests to be warm enough to use the Jacuzzi outdoors, so they can wear robes with a cover.

Sometimes guests just love the robes in their rooms. It’s a good idea to have a few extra robes on hand in case guests want one. You can make the robes more attractive by having your logo or monogram printed on them.

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