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Know More About How To Care Bathrobes

You are fresh from the shower and not ready to get dressed again. At moments such as this, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of slipping into a hot, fluffy bathrobe.

Your guests feel the same way, which is why bathrobes have long been a crucial part of good hotel service. However, like anything in your establishment that provides guests with comfort, robes need proper care.

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few of the essentials of care for bathrobes.

Use a hanger

Whatever kind of cloth you’re dealing with, keeping your robes on a hanger will help preserve the integrity of the garment.

In between seasons

Should you change from robes made from lighter and thicker fabrics between seasons, make certain you wash the robes before placing them in storage. Use cedar balls to repel moths and other pests.

Preventing Fading

Dark-colored robes can fade after a few washes, so try to wash and dry them inside-outside, and prevent drying them in the sun. Wash these robes in cold water on a shorter cycle, as warmer water and long washes will pull shade from the fabric.

If you have a spa bathrobe then you should also more careful with your bathrobes like their color, material, washing style, and many more.

Tip: Add half a cup of salt when washing colored fabrics for the first time to prevent colors from running.

Pay attention to the label

Manufacturers put care directions on labels for a reason: so that you — and your visitors — may find the maximum out of your robes.

Care to get bathrobes means after the rules for various types of substances:

  1. Cotton

Maybe the simplest robe fabric to clean. Cotton is durable so that you can toss these robes to a washing machine with mild detergent, in warm water, and onto a standard cycle. Always wash fresh robes before their first use.

Use only about half the amount of detergent you would typically use for cotton garments to keep the robe soft and fluffy. Give the robe an extra rinse to eliminate any lingering detergent.

Tip: Adding 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the last rinse cycle will clear any lingering soap or detergent residue.

  1. Polyester

Just like cotton, you can machine wash robes made of the material in warm water, although some polyester combinations need to be dry cleaned. When drying polyester, use a very low temperature and hot iron when needed.

  1. Silk

Polyester bathrobeSilk seems like an almost fragile fabric, but it’s simple to care for all these robes if you follow certain precautions. We realize that we just stated you ought to pay attention to manufacturer’s tags, however with silk, so we would suggest erring on the side of care.

Even if the label states a silk robe is safe for machine washing, we would suggest washing it by hand. . Don’t use bleach to clean silk, since the chlorine will damage the fabric, and make certain to prevent drying silk in direct sun, as that can also cause harm.

  1. Linen

As with cotton, it is a fantastic idea to wash linen bathrobes before usage, because it is going to take a few washes for your robes to achieve maximum absorbency. Avoid using fabric softener with linen robes — or use it very sparingly — as this can make them less absorbent as time passes. Linen robes should be tumble dried with some dryer balls to make them extra soft.

If you’d like more information on how to properly care for bathrobes — or are available for new robes for your establishment – contact Monarch Cypress.

Our expert sales team looks forward to assisting you to find the types of robes which will make your guests feel at home.

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