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Everything about Caring & Maintaining Your Kilt Outfit

Your kilt is an investment so, usually, you want to keep it looking great as long as possible. With appropriate care, your kilt may last a lifetime.

What is the precise way to care for your kilt? We can store hundreds of kilts at a single time, so it’s safe to say we’re experts on the matter. Here are our best tips.


Before keeping your kilt, always be sure to air it completely. Outside on a bright day is best.

If that is not feasible, consider hanging your kilt in the shower area (although not IN the shower) so it could absorb the steam. Entirely wash your kilt in a warm, airy area before storing it away.

If storing your kilt long term, we recommend a high-quality hanger that secures your kilt along the whole top. For short-term storage, a basic Kilt Hanger will do the trick. Avoid sagging by always cutting on the front and rear of your kilt together.

Having fixed on your preferred method, keep the kilt in a plastic garment bag to protect it from moths and dust and then and hang it in the wardrobe. Don’t cram it, but ensure it hangs loose and unsquashed.

Finally, wool enjoys breathing so give your custom-made kilt lots of space in your wardrobe. Pick up a Kilt Carrier & Roll Set for extra protection.


Spills happen. Should you spill something in your kilt, dab (do not rub) the spot with a clean, moist, lint-free cloth immediately.

If this doesn’t do the trick, your options depend on the type of kilt you have.

Lucky for you, some essentials kilts are washable. Use a brief spin on the synthetic cycle to reduce creasing. Be sure to tie your straps before placing your kilt in your washing machine to prevent any harm from the buckle.

When finished, hang your kilt to dry on a kilt hanger to reduce the need for ironing.


Wool is very flexible and naturally resistant to dirt, so your custom-made kilt requires minimal care. If you can not correct a spill by dabbing, it’s best to turn it over to a professional cleaner. Make sure to opt for a cleaner who knows their stuff.

To maintain your bespoke kilt free of lint and dust, you can also lightly brush it with a gentle clothes brush.


A kilt will practically never require ironing. Any mild creases should fall out after hanging for a few days, particularly if hung in a steamy atmosphere.

If you do feel your kilt needs ironing, here is what to do.

Be sure to use a cool iron on the opposite side of this cloth. Take care to align the pleats and don’t let them fall off the ironing board. Consider enlisting the help of a pal to maintain up your pleats.

Set your iron to steam and set the kilt’s apron on the ironing board, together with the underside facing you. Place an ironing fabric over the cloth to safeguard it, and then lightly set the iron on the fabric. Don’t iron back and forth – simply place the iron on the cloth, lift, and place it on the next section.

Never iron wool on the right side since this can leave glistening marks on the wool.

Your custom-made kilt’s pleats rarely want pressing. We recommend waiting to have your kilt professionally cleaned to steam your pleats. We also provide Kilt Outfits For Sale.


If briefly transporting your kilt by car, hang your outfit at a protective bag from the lawsuit hook.

When traveling long distances, think about rolling your kilt to save space and minimize the need for ironing. Our specially made kilt carrier and kilt roll set is the perfect solution, allowing you to roll your kilt and take it over your shoulder.

For long distances when you’re unable to travel with the clothes on a hanger, the easiest and cheapest packing way is to fasten the kilt buckle, place the kilt out on a flat surface with the apron uppermost. Slip the wrapped kilt into an old nylon stocking together with the foot cut off. Put it in your suitcase and even if you have to flex the top a bit, it won’t come to some harm. When you remove the kilt you won’t have any problems with creasing and it needs to be ready to wear. If for any reason you don’t happen to get a footless woman’s stocking to hand or an old pair of tights, just fasten the kilt buckles and lay the kilt apartment in the bottom of your bag. So long as you hang it up immediately at the journey’s end, it should be nice.


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