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Basic Living Room Decor Ideas for 2020

The heart of any house is the living space, a place to entertain guests and where family members gather for entertainment or share stories. In 2020, the interior design ideas for the living room go outside decorating. It’s all about creating and innovating something extraordinary from practical and simple resources you currently have. Functionality and practicality will probably stand out as main elements of living room design ideas next year, so let’s delve further on the particulars.

Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Designing a living room is fun because it offers plenty of chances to stamp your individuality and tastes. You will find popular living room design ideas that provide sparks of inspiration if you are into home improvement remodeling. They are around for several years and continue to affect interior designs this coming year.

  • Hi-tech or ultramodern. This interior design includes solids-copes, expensive materials, exquisite decors, and neutral lighting colors. For colors and contrast, add bright colors in types of pillows on the sofa, rugs, carpets, wall posters, clocks, and elegant vases. Other options that enhance the hi-tech living room’s designs include modern industrial flooring lamps, glass decors, Metal accents, and drapes with intricate designs that produce modern look.
  • Scandinavian. This style exudes minimalism, with neutral decor and ample all-natural light. The living room design notions of Scandinavian revolve on elegance and luxury without going overboard on your budget. Choose natural fabrics, upholstered furniture, announcement accents, and wooden components to make a comfy, stylish, and chic interior.
  • Minimalism. If you feel the interior design ideas for a minimalist living room are simple, you’re mistaken. Why? Since minimalism is not about taking fewer items, it’s all about mixing furniture into the dull color background and punctuate them with impressive angles of importance. The point is to create a peaceful vibe with intentional and meaningful pieces.
  • Loft. For 2020, attic living room designs feature brick walls and wooden panels with glass and metal accents or furniture to enhance the spacious region and high ceilings.
  • Eclectic-Boho. There are not any rules in regards to living room design ideas for this style. It’s ideal for those who wish to showcase their favorite pieces of furniture and decors. With the equivalent color palette, mixing and matching produce non-conforming cohesion.

Interior Designs for Small Living Rooms

Unlocking the possibility of a small living room requires skills and creativity. When decorating or redecorating this space, it is possible to give it a magical character with these little living room design inspirations:

  • Embrace Beige, white, or gray interior. Begin with any of the suggested wall colors and add pale-colored furniture to produce a monochromatic appearance. This design is an ideal solution for a small living room and among the greatest ideas that designers employ to make the area appear larger and brighter. To add personality, input splashes of texture and colors through pillows, wicker furnishings, and blossoms or plants. You might also have one or two attention-grabbing pieces that successfully disguise the size of this room.
  • Usage glass, mirrored, or acrylic upholstery. Professional designers use this tip for a little living room design to create the illusion of distance. These functional pieces of furniture essentially vanish, eliminating visual clutter. Samples are glass top coffee table with a gold base, floor lamps, and thin built accent chairs.
  • Elect for sectional couch and collection of chairs. A small, simple living room design could be transformed into a fashionable space with the assistance of an L-shaped sofa that overlooks the seating area when offering a spacious and fresh vibe. You can add eclectic parts of chairs to finish the homey atmosphere.

Big Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Planning the inside design for a big living room with maintenance will make it even more attractive, comfortable, and original. With so much available space, it’s required to maximize every corner to eliminate the feeling of emptiness without overwhelming the occupants. The perfect living room designs for large spaces must make them appear tranquil and relaxing. Avoid going overboard as a lot of furniture may ruin the general ambiance of this space.

  • Invest in big statement pieces. Start with big sofas and also make them the focal point of interest. A single large piece can also be great for a huge living room design. You can pair up a delicate coffee table with oversized ottomans or even x-benches. A rustic fireplace is also a beautiful central component in the living room.
  • Maximize the space design. A great deal of space allows you to make a modern space for entertainment. Have a special media center with your tech devices or private reading space with a bookshelf complete of your favorite reading stuff. Use the wall spaces with the addition of large framed photos and decorative shelves. Hang curtains and displays higher than your window frames to produce visual spaciousness. Enhance the airy and bright interior layout for a big living room with mirrors that allow light to disperse. Place big potted plants to highlight the huge ceilings and fill up blank corners.
  • Be creative and divide the big space with functional furniture. Examples of these creative living room’s design solutions are a daybed, a seat, or a chaise. Console tables, modern sideboards, and hanging ornamental displays are also wonderful alternatives to define and different private sections. Pull up furniture nearer to each other from the wall to generate the massive space cozier and homey. In case you have excess wall area, add mirrors and artworks to flip it into a lively area. Another smart idea would be to add extra seats.

Best Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

Whether you desire a classic, unique, or futuristic interior design ideas for your living space, wallpaper can freshen up its obsolete look or visually correct the wall deformations. The paper designs for the living space do the tips, injecting a new personality to your favorite space.

  • 3D Wallpapers. Animate your room by 3D wallpaper pictures for the living room. The favorite designs for 2020 will be jungles, brick walls, and waterfalls which are all environmentally friendly.
  • Metal-like Wallpapers. If you enjoy a customized, designer-like appearance, the metallic wallpapers are your ally. These designer wallpapers for your living room create a sophisticated look due to their monochrome shades and vibrant shapes. To get a more luxurious texture, add gold accents or furnishings.
  • Gradient Wallpaper. This is only one of the best paper designs for the living room. The charming transition of color shades suits modern or minimalist interior layout.

Furniture Idea for Living Room

The furniture trend for 2020 focuses on easy but interesting pieces that bring optimal comfort and improve the look of the interior.

  • Moderns sofa. Sofas are essential furniture for living room designs. These functional seating provide comfort while resting, entertaining, or bonding with relatives.
  • Furniture with metallic hardware. In 2020, expect trendy furniture to your living room corners with bronze, gold, steel, or brass frames. Choose metallic decoration or furniture for storage in the living room.
  • Opt for handmade, personalized bits. Add handcrafted furniture for the living space which is relatively affordable, yet truly special. In case you have fabulous heirlooms out of your ancestors, display them now to scale up your room.

Best Colors for Living Room Walls

The color scheme for 2020 leans on neutral and calm colors that highlight the focal elements of the living room’s designs.

  • Mint. This lovely color of green provides a relaxing feeling. The subtle mixture of green, blue, and yellow colors for walls in the living area boosts beneficial effects on your well-being.
  • Gray and Green. Painting the walls with these colors brings positive effects for the living room occupants due to their refreshing tone.
  • Hazelnut. It’s one of the top living room colors for walls in 2020 because it offers a perfect background for any furnishings and colors that you want to add, apart from providing a relaxing vibe.

It does not matter whether your home is big or small, you can always visually expand it with the help of all these interior design ideas for a living room.



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